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August 20th, 2009

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I have a job interview tomorrow. It's just a customer service/cashier job at Best Buy, but it's a job. I haven't had a job since April and I can't imagine a better way to get myself out of this funk. Thank God for Best Buy!

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December 13th, 2005

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August 14th, 2004

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from now on, this journal is...

December 31st, 2003

yay for being nice!

oh man i'm just in a good mood. yesterday was an overall good day, and i can't tell you how long it's been since i had one of those. yay!

we're goin kinda crazy gettin ready for the party tonight, breaking only to watch as-yet-unseen episodes of The Twilight Zone (yay for Sci-Fi Channel marathons!). ohhh i'm all excited! yay! i actually have done a lot...i changed the lightbulb in the basement bathroom...which was quite a feat, let me tell you. so yay for me!

so i guess that's it for now...i've only been awake for about 2 hours, and only so much can happen in 2 hours...so ttfn!

December 30th, 2003

omg omg omg omg!!!!

okay so i'm a dork and i actually looked up whether or not VH1 was gonna play I Love the 80's...and ooooooooh my god!!! on Thursday, this is the entire day's schedule:

6 AM: I Love the 80's (1980)
7 AM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1980)
8 AM: I Love the 80's (1981)
9 AM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1981)
10 AM: I Love the 80's (1982)
11 AM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1982)
12 PM: I Love the 80's (1983)
1 PM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1983)
2 PM: I Love the 80's (1984)
3 PM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1984)

4 PM: I Love the 80's (1985)
5 PM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1985)

6 PM: I Love the 80's (1986)
7 PM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1986)
8 PM: I Love the 80's (1987)
9 PM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1987)
10 PM: I Love the 80's (1988)
11 PM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1988)
12 AM: I Love the 80's (1989)
1 AM: I Love the 80's Strikes Back (1989)

how essited am i??? ohhhh man. the reason i separated 1985 is cause that's when i was born and it was just good times, so yay for 1985. woot woot!

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so the big news of the day is that i got a haircut. a major haircut. she cut off about 5 inches. it's crazy short and i actually like it. Kyuhl says it makes me look older and adorabler at the same time. yay!

i also found Edward Scissorhands on DVD for $10! yay for Target! my mom and i did a lot of errands...then i went to visit Kyuhl! he's doing well, recovering and all. yay for recovery.

there's a I Love the 70's marathon on VH1. i'm hoping they play the original I Love the 80's...maybe they already did. that would be sad.

tomorrow is New Year's!! so um yeah.

December 29th, 2003

so i finished the second book last night. i was dead tired, but hell-bent on finishing that damn book. of course, i get to the last paragraph and it scares the shit outta me so i'm incapable of sleeping for a couple of hours...*sigh* i heart these books! i'm gonna start the third book, If There Be Thorns, sometime today.

today i am being lazy as sin. i have to unpack and get my suitcase back up in the attic...and do some laundry. but i don't wanna.

Kyuhl's surgery is today. it's at...10, i think. i told him i'd call him around 2 to see how he's doing, and said i'd prolly go over to his house around 4 to visit him for a while. crazy times.

i got another kick-ass calendar! the Bradley's sent me a Will & Grace calendar and it is just the coolest thing ever. i also got a Red Fraggle doll from my dad! aaaaaaaand Beth sent me a Care Bear! so with my My Little Pony, my Red Fraggle, my Care Bear, and my VC Andrews books, i'm so all about the 80's. woot woot.

December 28th, 2003

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i'm home! yay! actually now i kinda miss Boston. funny how things happen that way. all my clothes and my pillow smell like Alex and i miss him.

my dad is being mean. he says we can't open presents until after i get home from rehearsal. bah.

tomorrow is Kyuhl's surgery. ouch. i'm gonna go visit him some time in the afternoon.

Wednesday is New Year's Eve. if i like you, come to the party we're havin, it's gonna be good times.

i am too f-ing tired to deal with obnoxious people tonight. if it weren't for Kyuhl, i'd throw a fit and just not go. but, alas, i haven't seen him in far too long and, thus, i wanna see him.

i had such a good trip to Boston and i'm looking forward to going back. yay for funness.

oh, yeah! i got a Queer Eye For the Straight Guy calendar! sometimes i am so jealous of myself...

December 25th, 2003

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i cannot believe it is only 6:30. i haven't been this tired in a while.

we went to the nursing home today and visited my mom's father. he seems to be doing well. it's never exactly exciting to see him there, but it's obvious that it made his day, so...yeah.

i didn't get all of my Christmas presents today. one of the (many) drawbacks to going away. i did get a TON of stuff from my uncle, though, including a $50 gift certificate to Tower Records and a $50 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble. yay!

tomorrow we're going to my mom's best friend's to have lunch with her and her family, and then heading off to Rhode Island for dinner with my uncle and his family. apparently we won't be back here (Boston) until midnight-ish. oy vey.

Saturday, however, is being called "my day". i requested we go to Barnes & Noble and Tower Records (for obvious reasons), and there's been talk of going to a mall or something. works for me!

ohhhh i am tired. Alex is taking a bath, but he's been kinda clinging to me. soooo adorable. he likes to make faces at me. crazy kid.
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